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Has completed 60 hours. Applicant supervised driving experience, including at least 10 hours at night. Parent/Guardian Signature. DSP License Examiner. Date.
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How to fill out ky driving log:

Gather all necessary information such as your driver's license number, vehicle information, and dates of driving.
Use a pen or pencil to legibly record the required details, such as the date, starting and ending mileage, and purpose of the trip.
Note the starting and ending location of each trip, including the address or specific location.
Indicate whether the drive was for personal use or business-related, and provide any additional details or justification if required.
Sign and date the driving log to validate the information provided.

Who needs ky driving log:

Individuals who are applying for or currently hold a commercial driver's license (CDL) in Kentucky.
Employers or business owners with employees who operate commercial vehicles as part of their job responsibilities.
Insurance companies or law enforcement agencies that may require proof of accurate and up-to-date driving records.

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Instructions and Help about practice driving log form

Music hey I am Montana, and I am here to show you exactly how to fill out those behind the wheel locks that you need for your certificate you need to log, so you're behind the wheel instruction one is that 14-hour behind the wheel instruction log and the second one is a 30-hour behind the old practice log if you don't have those logs currently on hand you don't know where to find them no worries we got you just check the link in the description to print out those logs individually, or you can find blank copies of those logs at the end of the PRE DPS trip guide that we emailed you in your license certificate email I'm going to show you how to fill out your two behind the wheel a simple logs this is going to be the 14-hour in-car observation and behind the wheel instruction log and this 30-hour behind the wheel practice log these logs can definitely look intimidating but don't worry you've got this first it is important to note that none of the dates on either of these two logs should overlap with dates on any other log and only one hour of driving obstruction or practice may be logged in one day, so you'll need 14 unique dates on the behind the wheel instruction log and 30 unique dates on the behind the wheel practice log let's start by walking through this 14 hour in-car observation of behind the wheel instruction log there's two blinks at the top of the form you'll enter the students legal name here and here you'll enter the students permit number also referred to as their learner's license number remember since these logs are for actual driving times all dates must be on or after the date the student earned their permit you can see that the log is separated by skill topic and broken up into a period of observation and practice in car observation is the time the student spends watching the eligible instructor perform the skill in the vehicle and the behind the wheel practice is the time the student spends practicing the skill behind the wheel with the instructor observing we have already filled the duration with time that each of these sections should take like these first two rows you can enter the same date to total one hour of time the time is just the actual time of day the obstruction began it's also totally okay to estimate the date time if you did it long as you go, and you don't remember exactly it's just important that it looks right at the DPS once you've gotten all the dates down you're an eligible instructor will sign off on each row with their name and the driver license number this is the same person who signed the classroom instruction log once it's all signed the log is complete so here let's see if we can fill it out together Music now that we've filled out this full form I want you to pay attention it's okay for these times of day to really be any time of day you're just going to want to start with the time that you actually did the practice and now this log is complete it's time to move on to the 30-hour behind the wheel...

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A Kentucky driving log is a record of a driver’s hours behind the wheel. It is used to document the time spent driving, the route taken, and the purpose of the trip. It is also used to track driving hours for commercial drivers who are subject to hours of service regulations.
A Kentucky driving log must include the following information: 1. Date 2. Starting and ending times 3. Total number of miles driven 4. Location of each trip (city or county) 5. Name of each person transported 6. Purpose of each trip 7. Signature of driver verifying the accuracy of the log.
The deadline to file a KY driving log in 2023 is not yet determined.
The penalty for the late filing of a Kentucky driving log depends on the amount of time it is late. Generally, if the log is late by three days or less, the penalty is a $25 fine. If the log is late by more than three days, the penalty can range from a $50 to $100 fine, depending on the circumstances.
KY driving log refers to the record or documentation of a person's driving activities maintained by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) or the Kentucky Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). It typically includes information such as the dates and times of driving, distance traveled, purpose of driving (e.g., personal, work, or school), and any specific incidents or violations that may have occurred while driving. This log may be required for various purposes, including driver's license applications, driver training, or insurance purposes.
In Kentucky, drivers under the age of 18 who hold an intermediate license are required to maintain a driving log. This applies to individuals who are in the process of obtaining their full driver's license. The log is used to track the number of practice driving hours completed in various conditions and must be submitted to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet as part of the license application process.
To fill out a Kentucky driving log, follow these steps: 1. Get the necessary form: Obtain a driving log form from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet's website or your local driver's license office. The form is called "Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Division of Driver Licensing Office of Driver Training Driver's Log." 2. Gather required information: You will need to provide personal information, including your name, driver's license number, and contact information. Additionally, collect details about your driving sessions, such as the date, time, duration, and purpose of each drive. 3. Start with the initial information: Fill in your personal details at the top of the form, including your full legal name, driver's license number, and contact information. 4. Record drive time: In the log, begin by recording the date of your driving session. Specify whether it was daytime or nighttime by checking the appropriate box. Then, provide the duration of the drive in hours and minutes. 5. Indicate driving purpose: Next to the drive time, indicate the purpose of the drive. Select from the available options such as instruction, supervised driving, practice driving, etc. 6. Supervising driver information: If a licensed adult was supervising your drive, include their name, driver's license number, and contact information in the designated section. If you were practicing alone, leave this section blank. 7. Practice conditions: Check the appropriate boxes to indicate whether the drive was on a roadway, rural road, highway, or interstate. You can also indicate if the weather conditions were normal, wet, or adverse. 8. Add additional drives: Repeat steps 4-7 for each driving session you complete, filling in the log as you accumulate practice hours. 9. Sign and date: Once you have logged all your driving sessions, sign and date the log to confirm the accuracy of the entries. 10. Submit the log: Depending on your circumstances or the requirements for your driver's license, submit the completed driving log to your driver's education instructor or the licensing office. Remember to check your state's specific guidelines for driving logs, as requirements may vary.
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